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Bass Session for The Garage Band Cooperative

What a time we live in!

In early January 2017 I recorded a bass track for The Garage Band Cooperative from my own place. Using my Kay bass and a Traynor amp and then through a Steinberg UR44 audio interface to my iMac I recorded a track and then sent it to Terry to be mixed in to the final song. So cool. I then went to visit his home studio to record a harmony part.

It was a fun project – here’s a video that Terry put together.

You Ain’t Goin’ Nowhere by The Garage Band Cooperative



Carry Us Through

The song was an evolution and started this past summer at the time of the Fort McMurray fires. Neighbourliness is one of the great things about Alberta. No matter what politics or religion we hold, folks in this province pitch in, especially during crisis. We carry each other through and that is something to be proud of. This generosity and outpouring is something to be cultivated and to hold dear. And thanks to all first responders such as paramedics, police and firefighters who help in some of the most difficult times that we can have.

Carry Us Through
Toby Tellier, Howard Bergeron, Jason Crotty

Smell the smoke and feel the heat
Hear the siren call
Load the car with what we can
All the memories from the hall
Food and clothes but leave the rest
And make our way through the burning valley

Darlin’ we have each other
At least we have each other
We all have each other
Carry us through

Hold our breath at Beacon Hill
See the firestorm
Strong and brave lead us through
With gritty eyes and steady hearts
We head up north to where we hope
Open arms are waiting

Darlin’ we have each other
At least we have each other
We all have each other
To carry us through

Breaks my heart lookin’ back, no matter how much we try
All we built is gone in ashes in the blink of an eye
In one moment life can change, I hold you and the babies close
We count all our blessings and thank those who gave the most

Darlin’ we have each other
At least we have each other
We all have each other
To carry us through

Yes we do

Song Credits
released December 2, 2016
Jason Crotty, Vocalist

Evan Thomas, Keyboard arrangement and performance

Written by: Toby Tellier, Howard Bergeron, Jason Crotty
Produced by: Toby Tellier & Marshall Lawrence

About the creators: Howie and Toby started writing songs to record for a Rocky Mountain Shakedown album of original music in 2017. Toby brought one of their songs Carry Us Through to Evan who came up with a fantastic keyboard arrangement. Evan knew Jason and shared the song with him. Jason and Toby finished the song and of course Jason delivered his fantastic performance. Everyone along each step of the way brought something to the song. It was a heartfelt collaboration and we hope you like it.

Amerada Road

What a joy to make beautiful music with Hannah Goa on fiddle and Brad Creemer on guitar. Playing with these talented folks pushed me to be a better musician. And gave the chance to play with other talented musicians like Amber-Lynn Yourk and Howie Bergeron.

Drawing on bluegrass and old-time repertoire, Amerada Road have been noted for their smooth harmonies and precision playing. Songs from Ola Belle Reed to Tim O’Brien and Gillian Welch are interspersed with traditional and contemporary instrumentals. Live on stage, with two committed introverts and a marginal extrovert, you can expect a slightly awkward but heartfelt performance.

Amerada Road played together from October 2013 to March 2016 and performed for the Northern Bluegrass Circle Music Society, The Works Art and Design Festival, Saturday Night Bluegrass House Concert, Three Hills Arts Academy, the Carrot Coffeehouse, Oktoberfest fundraisers, Cha Island and the Foothills Bluegrass Music Society.

Here are a couple of videos on Youtube:

The Cabin Fever Band

Pat Guidera called me up in the Spring of 2015 to play bass in The Cabin Fever Band for that year’s Radway Festival of Stars. The band has been in existence for at least 12 years and originated as the local bluegrass club’s house band. It was such a blast playing a mix of bluegrass tunes and canadiana at various Alberta events like the Perogies and Jam in Vegreville, The Callingwood Farmer’s Market, local senior centres, the Northern Bluegrass Circle Music Society, and again in Radway in 2016 and 2017.

I played my last gig with Pat, Dodie, Frank and Ian at the 2017 Shady Grove Festival in Nanton, AB. It was sweet singing and playing with this talented and kind-hearted bunch. Many local bluegrass players have been a part of the band’s legacy over the years and I am happy to add my name to that list. As a send-off, the band presented me with a card and a bottle of Patron tequila which was passed around along with songs in a warm-hearted bluegrass jam!

Why I Love the Blues Web Series

Why I Love the Blues Video Series

When my husband Marshall Lawrence and I went to Memphis for the 2014 International Blues Society Blues Challenge we got the chance to talk to a whole bunch of amazing blues lovers. Those conversations formed a 13 part web series called “Why I Love the Blues“.

1 Second Every Day

Have you seen Cesar Kuriyama’s Ted Talk?

It inspired me to experiment with taking a video of 1 Second Every Day. The aim is to live more thoughtfully and to have snapshots of moments that have unfolded to look back at.

July 2016

The Hay City Rollers

The Hay City Rollers played together from June 2013 to February 2016 and I have to say that I have never laughed so hard as I have with these guys. Steve Schroeter, Noel McNaughton and Ron Mercer are a blast to play with and stellar human beings too. If there is a bluegrass jam happening somewhere near Edmonton you are bound to be lucky enough to bump into one of them. Thanks to Terry Lawson for the great photos he took for us from Reynolds Museum.


During our time as a band we had the good fortune to play for the Shady Grove Bluegrass Festival, Radway Festival of Stars, Northern Bluegrass Circle Music Society, The Works Art and Design Festival, Saturday Night Bluegrass House Concert, South West Seniors Society, The Lumberjacks Music Camp.




And here’s a look back at the info from my bio page from that time…

Toby Tellier on Bass


Where are you from: The beautiful shores of Lake Huron
Favourite tartan: The Alberta Tartan
Favourite instrument:  My King Rockabilly bass
If you could play another instrument today, what would it be: Edgar Meyer’s bass
Would you rather have been a Beatle or a Bluegrass Boy? No question – a Bluegrass Boy
Favourite jamming song: Bill Monroe’s Used To Be
Influences: Hot Rize, The Bluegrass Album Band, Missy Raines, Edgar Meyer
Favourite ice cream: Mint chocolate chip
Favourite beverage: Bulletproof coffee
Pets: Princess Gogi the Amazon Parrot
Musical history: Member of Amerada Road, Woodbend Bluegrass Band and Wildwood Flower
Who makes you laugh: Ron & Noel… Definitely Ron & Noel.
What do the Bay City Rollers have in common with the Hay City Rollers? Seems pretty obvious to me. But then my musical influences have always been eclectic. One Christmas when I was a kid my parents bought me a record player and two albums; a Johnny Cash album and the Bay City Roller’s Once Upon a Star. It made an impression.

There are still a couple of  videos on Youtube of the great times we had together. Long live the Rollers.

Keep On Walkin’ Music Video

In 2009, I created my first video project as part of the fava’s Video Kitchen. It was my first time writing a script, first time directing, first time editing using ‘real’ software. Also it was my first time seeing my work projected on the Big Screen. Now that was thrilling!

Doctorblues Makes a House Call Web Series

House Call Video Series: Youtube Playlist

In January 2009 I went my husband Marshall Lawrence to the Maple Blues Awards in Toronto, Ontario. Armed with a Canon Powershot pocket camera and Windows Movie Maker, I created my first youtube video. It was a blast and I have been exploring storytelling through video since then.

Woodbend Bluegrass Band

Around 2005, I played with fabulous musicians George Bayard, Windi Hanson and Les Eberhardt at the Woodbend Community Chili Cookoff. We had so much fun that we founded the Woodbend Bluegrass Band. Through the years the band members changed but the level of musicianship remained. I learned a lot in this band (first festival gig!) and am grateful to everyone I got a chance to play with including Les Eberhardt, Ron Mercer, Terry Lawson and Marshall Lawrence.

Woodbend All For You CDBeing in Woodbend also included my first experience with recording a CD. And one of my favourite memories is driving back from the Rombs festival in Fairview, Alberta and hearing our songs being played on George McKnight’s radio show. What a blast!

Wildwood Flower Bluegrass Band

Wildwood Flower Bluegrass was the first band that I joined and the first group of folks that I performed with. It’s where I learned to sing harmonies and to sing into a mic. We first met at the Northern Bluegrass Circle Music Society jams where every Wednesday even today you can join in to play or listen to bluegrass.

Princess Gogi Grooves

Princess Gogi is our red lored amazon parrot who loves music especially the banjo.

She has her very own Youtube Channel.

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