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Homegrown T-Shirts

True Love and Home-grown Tomatoes Tank and T-Shirt There’s only 2 things that money can’t buy and that’s true love and home-grown tomatoes! This sweet original design by…

Daily Dose of Happiness Tumblr

Daily Dose of Musical Happiness: This is my tumblr feed where every day I post a song that I love. Mostly acoustic americana but I sometimes deviate.

1 Second Every Day

Have you seen Cesar Kuriyama’s Ted Talk? It inspired me to experiment with taking a video of 1 Second Every Day. The aim is to live more thoughtfully…

Artsy Stuff

365 Days of Photos – Today I Snapped

In December 2010, I dusted off my camera and started a 365 project blog called It had been awhile since I had taken any pictures and wanted…