The Hay City Rollers played together from June 2013 to February 2016 and I have to say that I have never laughed so hard as I have with these guys. Steve Schroeter, Noel McNaughton and Ron Mercer are a blast to play with and stellar human beings too. If there is a bluegrass jam happening somewhere near Edmonton you are bound to be lucky enough to bump into one of them. Thanks to Terry Lawson for the great photos he took for us from Reynolds Museum.


During our time as a band we had the good fortune to play for the Shady Grove Bluegrass Festival, Radway Festival of Stars, Northern Bluegrass Circle Music Society, The Works Art and Design Festival, Saturday Night Bluegrass House Concert, South West Seniors Society, The Lumberjacks Music Camp.




And here’s a look back at the info from my bio page from that time…

Toby Tellier on Bass


Where are you from: The beautiful shores of Lake Huron
Favourite tartan: The Alberta Tartan
Favourite instrument:  My King Rockabilly bass
If you could play another instrument today, what would it be: Edgar Meyer’s bass
Would you rather have been a Beatle or a Bluegrass Boy? No question – a Bluegrass Boy
Favourite jamming song: Bill Monroe’s Used To Be
Influences: Hot Rize, The Bluegrass Album Band, Missy Raines, Edgar Meyer
Favourite ice cream: Mint chocolate chip
Favourite beverage: Bulletproof coffee
Pets: Princess Gogi the Amazon Parrot
Musical history: Member of Amerada Road, Woodbend Bluegrass Band and Wildwood Flower
Who makes you laugh: Ron & Noel… Definitely Ron & Noel.
What do the Bay City Rollers have in common with the Hay City Rollers? Seems pretty obvious to me. But then my musical influences have always been eclectic. One Christmas when I was a kid my parents bought me a record player and two albums; a Johnny Cash album and the Bay City Roller’s Once Upon a Star. It made an impression.

There are still a couple of  videos on Youtube of the great times we had together. Long live the Rollers.